Good Luck, Dear Friend!



A few weeks ago we had to reluctantly wish Peaceful Prairie family member Catherine (Cat) Millar a fond farewell. Cat moved to the Seattle area where she will begin her new career as a certified veterinary technician (CVT).

Cat grew up in Alaska, went to college in Washington State, traveled the world, and spent one year as a caregiver at Farm Sanctuary California. Cat’s calling was to work with animals. This led her to Colorado where she attended Bel Rea to become a CVT. While here she was an active member of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. Even though Cat was a full time student, she found time to help with our many outreach projects including PPS’s series of Peaceable Kingdom screenings, participating in our Stock Show Care-A-Van, preparing for the Picnic on the Prairie, and inviting her friends, family (yes even Mom and sister from Alaska!), school mates, and neighbors out to PPS for tours and volunteer days.

While living here at the sanctuary, Cat was indispensable throughout July and August. Chris and I were even able to take a short vacation together while Cat kept things running smoothly.

Cat’s connection with animals is innate. She is compassionate, sincere, observant, hard working, and totally committed to helping animals.

Every morning, Cat was the first one up and out the door to greet the animals and help them start their day. She quickly learned each individual’s unique personalities. Cat knew that she only had seconds after letting the birds out (in their dictated order – they had Cat well trained!) to run over to the pigs yard and feed Petunia and Lucas FIRST & ASAP! – or she would never hear the end of it from the two of them!

For as efficient and obedient as Cat was with the “big pigs”, geese, ducks, swan, turkeys, and chickens, she was equally as patient gentle and calming with the pot bellied pigs and sick or injured animals. Although we miss Cat terribly, we all wish her the very best in her new career and life in the Seattle area. The animals and people of Washington State are very fortunate to have her there.

Cat’s contributions and impact on all of us at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary will be appreciated forever.