Hottest Colorado July on Record


Over three weeks of 100+ degree days turned July into a basic struggle for survival. All of our plans for outdoor education & outreach events in the Denver/ Boulder area had to be cancelled due to the life threatening heat. Day after sweltering day, we had to start feeding the 150 animals before dawn so that the animals would eat. The oppressive heat decreased everyone’s appetite and left most of the animals immobile during daylight hours. Water had to be brought inside to each animal.

Entire days were spent filling fresh waters and hosing animals down to prevent heat stroke. Some Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary residents were more vulnerable to the extreme heat than others and it took its toll. The factory farmed turkeys and pigs are genetically engineered to grow very big very fast. Their hearts, lungs, and joints are not equipped to handle the stress brought on by the heat.

The residents of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary have shade in barns, fresh water, and our constant care and efforts to make them as comfortable as possible. During that very difficult month we were reminded that there are billions more farmed animals who suffered and died of heat stroke, dehydration, and stress due to the heat. They did not have caretakers who draped them with cool wet towels; hand fed them fresh fruit and water to keep them hydrated, change out their bedding to keep them comfortable. Instead, hens (Both free range and battery) were crowded into sweltering hot sheds, cattle were crammed side-by-side in manure and fly infested feedlots in the blazing sun, pigs were kept in scorching ammonia filled cement warehouses.

Each day the newspapers, radio, and TV news reported on how the heat was affecting people and gave us tips on how to “beat the heat”. Meanwhile, a lifetime of suffering was compounded by the extreme heat for billions of farmed animals. Their anguish, caused entirely by our consumer choices, continued to be ignored and unrecognized.

We must remember that everyday every one of us is empowered to make Peaceful Choices. With every purchase and decision we make, we have the power to either support cruelty to animals or NOT. When you choose a vegan product (food, clothing, household items which do not contain any animal derived ingredients) you are making a peaceful choice.

If you choose to buy and consume products which include animal ingredients, you are paying someone else to be cruel to animals for you. Please remember the unseen animals every time you eat and shop. You might not be able to end animal suffering completely, but you will definitely NOT be supporting animal cruelty yourself.

One by one, we can and do make a difference for the animals.