Personality Profiles


You may have seen a herd of cattle while driving in the country, on TV, or in the movies.  Their similarities like size, shape, colors may be quite apparent; but their different personalities are harder to distinguish if you aren’t able to spend time with them.
Here at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary it only takes a few moments to realize how very unique each individual is.

Sherman is strong healthy playful and mischievous. 

He comes to my office window every morning and looks in at me so I will get up and give him a carrot. Sherman loves to be scratched and follows us around like an 1800 pound puppy... that is until Justice motions for Sherman to come with him out to the fields.  If Sherman feels ignored, he cries out loud and then pouts by dropping his head, making droopy eyes, and shuffling his feet.  As soon as he gets the attention he longs for, he is cheerful and spunky again.

Justice is a gentle giant. 

His harrowing experiences before he got to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary left him distrustful of most humans.  Nonetheless, he knows he is safe here and is extremely protective of all new PPS residents.  Justice is the first to greet the wide-eyed newcomers who are overwhelmed and frightened.  Justice will stand vigil next to them and no matter what the species, he communicates serenity and confidence letting the animal knows that he or she will finally be OK.

Daisy is best described as a “Hot Tamale!” 

For as gentle as Justice is and as playful as Sherman is…Daisy is one tough cookie.  She is extremely observant, independent, calculating, and devious.  Daisy loves an intellectual challenge - figuring out how to open locked gates is a favorite passtime - as much as she loves an audience. She can never get enough applause. One of her favorite gigs is balancing a 2x4 between her horns and using it ever so gently to scratch those hard-to-reach belly itches.

Because Daisy thrives on stimulation, she is usually looking for trouble, which she has no problem finding.  She will watch and wait for the perfect opportunity to catch us off guard and do something she isn’t supposed to do.  One of Daisy’s “triggers” is a man in a cowboy hat.  If you know what’s good for you, don’t ever wear a cowboy hat around Daisy!