Activist's Corner

Be sure to load up on all of the new PPS literature before the next time you go leafleting and tabling.  As the public is being inundated with misinformation and false labeling claims of “humanely produced , cage-free,” etc. products, billions more innocent animals are being subjected to horrific lives and brutal deaths while consumers pay for these atrocities under the guise of “humane” meat, eggs, and dairy.
PPS has the only line of literature and educational materials devoted to debunking the humane myth while keeping our integrity and mission of honestly and truthfully protecting the animals who are being victimized by this new marketing ploy designed to sell even more suffering.
Order in bulk from PPS, or download the PDFs at the links below and print your own fliers.

Can You Tell the Difference?
The side by side comparison of the life and death of battery caged hens and “cage-free” hens. Debunking the myth of cruelty free egg production.

Humane Farming - an Oxymoron
The Truth about so called “humanely produced” dairy, eggs and meat in the wake of massive PR campaigns by the animal exploiting industries and retailers.

Please Don't Kill My Baby...
Lena, a mother cow’s perspective of her experience as a dairy cow

Please Don't Kill Me...
Rudy, a newborn calf’s experience as the “by product “ of the dairy.

How Do You Say...? A "food" animal's perspective

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Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary News, Winter 2006