In Memoriam

PPS lost two very special family members recently.  In September our shining star Sherman shocked us with his untimely death.  Everyone who visited the sanctuary has a story to tell about their impressions of Sherman’s gentle, playful, and endearing personhood.  He touched so many lives and through his story of survival from the deadly dairy and veal farm, he enlightened hundreds, if not thousands, of people and inspired them to stop their support of cow and calf cruelty inherent in all forms of dairy productions.
Becky Lynn...
Just one month after Sherman died, his dear friend Becky passed. Becky and Sherman shared precious moments that only they knew.
Becky was a beautiful, compassionate, introspective and loving 18 year old young woman. Her unique and genuine connections with animals were apparent when they were drawn to her and adored her.
This picture of Becky and Sherman has graced several of our past newsletters, announcements, and WebPages. It has always been the epitome of what PPS stands for and represents – true compassion, friendship and respect for each other.
PS from Michele
Becky’s mother Mary has been a personal friend of mine for over 25 years. Mary’s lifetime of animal rights advocacy and peace activism instilled ethics and empathy for others in both Becky and her surviving sister, Jenny. I am proud to have Mary as a friend and long time PPS supporter. She sets a selfless example for her daughters as well as the rest of the world. Our love and respect is always with Mary and her family.

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary News, Winter 2006