Meet Our Newest Residents

Bumper's New Life
Bumper’s arrival was bitter sweet. He was only six months old when he arrived and was immediately “adopted” by new big brothers Sherman & Justice. Shortly after Bumper became part of the family and was learning his bovine ways from patient big brothers, Sherman died suddenly and unexpectedly. His death was a crushing blow to all of us but probably no one more than Justice. Thankfully, Justice had his new curious and adoring calf who needed him just as much as Justice needed comfort.
Bumper’s right to live his full life was recognized by a twelve year old girl, Maya. Maya had been in the 4-H livestock program.  In 4-H, Maya would have hand raised Bumper, loving him, caring for him, and bonding with him until the day of the 4-H judging and auction. When Bumper would have been less than two years old, Maya would have been expected to betray Bumper’s love, trust and friendship in the most despicable way – by selling him to the highest bidder who would then have Bumper trucked off and violently slaughtered – far, far away from his Maya.
Fortunately, Maya, with the help of her parents, found PPS. Here Bumper is forever safe and loved. Maya’s epiphany didn’t end with her rejection of the inherently cruel 4-H program; she and her mother have also vowed to become Vegan. The bravery and compassion of one little girl will now save thousands of lives every time Maya and her mother eat and shop. They will no longer support the cruel egg, dairy, and meat industries.  Bumper’s story and his affect on those who love him has extended on to the protection of farmed animals everywhere. His is a true success story!

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Philomena & Brooke
Philomena and Brooke are two resilient little hens rescued from a ‘dead pile’ at a so-called “cage-free” egg facility.  Their featherless frail little bodies barely able to move showed just enough faint signs of life for a rescuer to scoop them off of the pile of dead “spent” hens. At the facilities labeled “cage-free”, hens are still painfully debeaked, starved (force molted to shock their tired bodies into one last laying cycle), crammed by the thousands into dark ammonia filled sheds on metal mesh floors, and finally killed and thrown away like trash when they can no longer lay enough eggs for the facility/farmer to make a big profit. Meanwhile, all of their rooster brothers have already been murdered as only one-day-old chicks since they cannot lay eggs.
So, no matter how you look at it, or how much hype you hear from some big multi-million dollar groups, eggs labeled “cage-free” are in no way humanely produced. In fact, they can be the result of as much, if not more, suffering than conventional eggs.
Philomena and Brooke are rare survivors, with an even more rare opportunity at true life-long freedom.

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary News, Winter 2006