Our Full Page Newspaper Ad
Last year, PPS debuted Denver's first ever Care-A-Van which wove through the streets of Denver and circled the Stock Show complex with it's eye-catching and thought provoking giant posters.  As we constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to advocate for the billions of unheard and unrepresented farmed animals Joanna Lucas  designed and wrote another provocative depiction of the animals’ experience, through their eyes and souls, which touched ours. 
The Full Page ads ran in the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News - thanks to generous donors Mark and Susan Heriford-Jorgensen of Cove Designs reached 1.5 million people and generated an overwhelming response.  Three Little Figs Market also helped to sponsor the full page ad in Westword. 
The ads were also featured and discussed on Denver's ABC evening news.

We found this outreach tool to be  unsurpassed in its ability to reach so many people with a message that can save billions of lives. The animals need us to always seek out new and genuinely effective ways to broaden our scope of outreach tools. The full page newspaper ads achieved just that.

If you  or your business would be interested in sponsoring future ads, please contact us.
The Prairie Progress, Spring 2006 - Volume 6, Issue 6