This Place Is For The Birds!
All two hundred Hurricane Katrina survivors have arrived. These former “broiler “chicks were actually liberated by the hurricane. If the warehouse filled with hundreds of thousands of 5 week old chicks hadn’t have been destroyed by the hurricane, each one of the baby chicks would have been violently killed at only 7 weeks of age – just little babies.  weight. 
Normally a seven week old chick would fit in the palm of your hand, but these birds have been genetically engineered to grow unnaturally fast. Their bodies are 3 to 5 five pounds while their feet and legs can barely support the
Here at the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, we carefully choose the most nutritious feed for them while providing lots of beautiful open space for them to run and play. These heroic little birds relish their freedom and second chance at life. They make the most of every minute.
Many “broiler” chickens are plagued with leg, foot, and other skeletal and circulatory problems which have been caused by the inhumane breeding practices of the poultry industry. Of course the meat dairy and egg eating consumer are the real cause for the endless and grotesque suffering of farmed animals. If there were no demand, there would be no supply.
Our “special needs” birds receive round the clock care and special accommodations. Even though they are trapped in mutated bodies which were created at the request of meat eating consumers, we make every effort to offer them a sense of normalcy and serenity. 
We respect each individual and recognize their desperate desire to live freely, have friends, feel comfort, and simply experience their lives. 
The Prairie Progress, Spring 2006 - Volume 6, Issue 6