Greetings from the Prairie!
We humans here at the sanctuary spend the majority of our time outside working with the animals. Clocks and watches are unnecessary on sunny days. We learn to tell time by the sun – after all, as soon as the sun comes up, the birds start chirping, cock-a-doodling, squawking, and quacking to get out of their barns and into the yards and pond. The goats sheep and cows are next to peer out their barn doors with squinted sleepy eyes and hungry tummies. The pigs start to stretch and snort while contemplating getting up for breakfast.
The days are beginning to get longer and we are all looking forward to the warm-up and the sprouting of spring’s green prairie grasses. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the sanctuary yet, be sure to set aside a Saturday or Sunday to schedule a visit soon.  And mark your calendars for this years Picnic on the Prairie, Sunday May 21, 2006.
As one season filled with happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, and the entire range emotions ends, another begins. Here at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, everyday is a lesson in life, death, and everything in between. The triumphant spirit of each individual animal can teach us everything we need to know about whom we are and why we always need to strive for a more compassionate world.
That compassion starts everyday, for each of us, at the breakfast table, and continues throughout the day with each meal, snack, and consumer choice. The animals and their experiences are daily reminders of our Peaceful Prairie mission. We keep our promise to the animals each day, by not only caring for our residents, but also by continuous Vegan education and outreach activities. The full page newspaper ad by Joanna Lucas, PPS Board member, which we ran during the Sock Show, is one of our outreach efforts that we are especially proud of.
With your support, we can continue to rescue and provide for even more deserving farmed animals while simultaneously advocating for the billions more through our innovative and effective outreach campaigns.
From all of us at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, Thank You!
The Prairie Progress, Spring 2006 - Volume 6, Issue 6