Meet Our Newest Resident
Oscar joined the PPS family in early fall. He was just a baby who had already been taken away from his mother and all of his siblings. The trauma of losing his mother and siblings was only compounded by the sheer terror he and all of the other farmed animals experienced at the livestock auction. Even though Oscar had been sold to the highest bidder and would have ended up being brutally slaughtered at the tender age of six months; he was one of the lucky one in a billion who had been rescued. 
When Oscar arrived at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, e reluctantly hopped out of his carrier and crawled right into my lap. After Oscar and I bonded and napped in the soft straw, he woke up to explore his new world.  Oscar’s curiosity and piglet playfulness quickly overrode any apprehensiveness or fear. Of course the first time he saw one of the big pigs, it literally scared the poop right out of him. The same reaction occurred with each introduction to his new multi-species family.
Now that Oscar is plenty familiar with everybody, he spends his days playing running, eating, and pig-napping. Any recent visitor to the sanctuary has had the pleasure of meeting him - if not having been “goosed “by him too.
The Prairie Progress, Spring 2006 - Volume 6, Issue 6