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Exciting News!

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary has the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands in the Vancouver area with our important message about the cruelty inherent in all dairy and egg production.

Thanks to generous donors who have pledged $5,000 to this campaign, we now challenge all animal advocates to help us expand the reach of these ads to city buses and online ads which have the potential to reach millions of people.

Please help us secure these ad placements with a generous contribution today.

Imagine the power of teaching the person sitting at the breakfast table with the morning paper, while reading the Milk comes from a Grieving Mother ad, and having that person suddenly realize that they will no longer be the cause of so much suffering.

Commuters will be told the truth about egg production and stop being duped into being complicit in the mass murder of baby roosters and spent hens. They'll realize that switching to eggs labeled "cage-free" or "free-range" are NOT a "humane alternative" despite what the producers would have them believe.

These ads are groundbreaking in their honesty and powerful in their advocacy for the billions of farmed animals who are trapped in the line of production.

Please help us expand this urgent campaign with your generous support.

Donate online today

Or mail a check to:

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
81503 E County Rd 22
Deer Trail Co 80105

Thank You!

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary is the only all farmed animal sanctuary and advocacy organization in the entire Rocky Mountain Region, dedicated to the 98% of all animals in need who remain the largest group of animals disproportionately served - farmed animals.

We also proudly provide life-long care for thousands of animals, have year round vegan education and outreach campaigns, and do everything with no paid staff or paid office space. 100% of your donations go directly to the care of rescued farmed animals and the advocacy for the billions more.