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Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary's Bus Ads Spread the Vegan Message in Vancouver
Please Help Us Upgrade Our Old Animal Ambulance! Chip In Today!

We were able to extend the campaign into December due to the efforts of One Voice, a group very recently formed by two Vancouver activists.
Their website is under development, but they can be reached through: onevoice.allanimals@gmail.com.

Whether pedestrians and motorists see our large displays on the sides of buses, or passengers see our interior posters, they will receive a compelling, thought provoking, and life saving message.

Thank you to those who donated to this campaign! We couldn't have done it without you.

We won't stop here. With your help, we can continue to save lives. You can download or order our new leaflets, posters, email signatures (now also available in poster format), and the many other resources available on our literature page to help get the animals' message out.  

Please continue to support our work, both here, at the sanctuary, where the PPS residents live safe, happy lives, and through our vegan advocacy work.  

Thank You!

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