100 "Spent" Hens, Rescued from a "Free-Range" Egg Farm,
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Help us welcome our newest residents: One hundred of the two hundred "spent" hens who, in a joint effort with Danzig's Roost Sanctuary, were recently rescued from a "certified humane" "free-range" egg facility where they were about to be "composted" in order to be replaced with a younger, more "productive" group of victims.

Arriving at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Of the nearly 200 "spent" hens rescued (not bought—an important point) in this joint effort, some were "late cull parent stock". "Parent stock" refers to the captive birds who are forced to produce the fertilized eggs that the hatchery incubates and, upon hatching, either sells as "layer" hens to be killed at 2 years of age, or discards as trash if they are male. 

Knowing that the hatchery's "best practice for the best breeds" involves the systematic "culling" of breeding parents in order to control the blood lines, small "family farms" like the one that the 200 recently rescued hens came from, buy these young throwaway birds before the hatchery kills them, and use them for eggs until they're "spent", at which point they too are mass killed on the farm.

"Late cull" mother

As we celebrate the lives of these amazing survivors, we must never forget that there is no such thing as "humane" eggs, or animal products of any kind. The cycle of breeding, using, and killing is inescapable and inevitable in all egg production, indeed, it is the foundation that all animal farming is built on, and without which it would not, and could not, exist. The only way to help the hens, the roosters, and their captive parents is to stop buying and consuming eggs and products made with eggs.

While we, at PPS and Danzig's Roost, will rescue and care for as many survivors as possible, the mass murder that occurs on every egg farm can be stopped only by consumers who end the demand for eggs and other animal products, and who refuse to believe the false and misleading marketing of "certified humane" animal products. Biology and economics remain the same no matter what the label says.

Their lives depend on our consumer choices

If you want to help hens, please don't buy or consume eggs, and please don't buy "spent" hens because this only condemns every replacement hen, their rooster brothers, and their breeding parents to an ongoing cycle of behind-the-scenes cruelty and murder. Similarly, if you buy a puppy from a puppy mill to "rescue" her, she will only be replaced, and the suffering and killing involved in all breeding and animal farming will continue.

If you want to help hens, support those who have been truly rescued at sanctuaries like PPS and Danzig's Roost, where their life-long care will cost thousands of dollars, and where we work daily to educate the well-meaning, but misinformed public about how inherently cruel and deadly all egg production is.

For the sake of the billions of innocents victimized on "hobby" farms, backyard operations, "free-range", "cage-free" and other "certified humane" facilities, please remember that the following facts apply to all egg production.

1. All "cage-free" and "free-range" hens are killed at only 2 years of age because they are considered "spent". This is standard practice in all egg producing operations, including "hobby" farms and backyard farms.

2. This is what "certified humane" means: Every "cage-free" egg carton you buy means that the newly hatched brother of the hen whose eggs you are consuming has been murdered at the hatchery, and the hen herself will be murdered at a fraction of her natural lifespan.

3. The Grant Farms situation is no different than every other egg production facility. Grant Farms has been routinely mass murdering young "spent" hens for years, while marketing the eggs as "humanely" produced: "On Dec. 13, the first 5,000 chickens were killed by hand with a knife and composted", Grant said. Another 7,000 were killed and sold for $1."We dug a hole and we killed them and turned them into compost," Grant said.

4. Please know that this is what egg producers define as "humane", and, if we buy and consume eggs, this is what we demand, reward and perpetuate with our purchases, no matter what the brand or label says.

5. If you believe that buying eggs from a neighbor, or the farmer's market, is a humane alternative, please acknowledge the reality that your neighbor or local farmer still kills the young roosters (who do not lay eggs) and eventually kills the "spent" hens, too, only to replace them with a new group of victims. Whether kept in a small, backyard flock, or in a "cage-free" facility, all of the hens are killed when they are no longer able to lay an egg a day, and all of the roosters are killed as babies.

If you buy eggs labeled "cage-free", or any other eggs that you think, or have been told, are "humanely "produced, you are paying for the killing of baby roosters, breeding parents, and young "spent" hens.

Thank you for making a commitment to justice and compassion by living vegan.




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