Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, Summer 2008 Update

Hi Everyone!

We'd like to update you on a few of the many (too many to list here) happenings at the sanctuary in addition to our Vegan advocacy work. 

Back in January of this year we undertook a huge rescue of over 60 animals who had been abandoned on two adjacent 40 acre properties in the dead of winter.  Thanks to our friends at Longhopes Donkey Rescue, we were able to round-up and transport the survivors to Peaceful Prairie. For the past 7 months we have nursed all of them back to health, provided them with the much needed veterinary care and they are now happy and safe. 
The hens who had been enslaved at a "free-range" egg facility have made the most incredible and harrowing transformation from defeated, near-death prisoners, to happy, healthy, beautiful ladies who relish their lives and live every moment to the fullest. 

To see and hear them in their glory is a sight to behold! Their courage and fortitude is so inspiring to all who have the privilege to meet them. The next time you hear someone use the disparaging phrase "don't be such a chicken", please be sure to set them straight on what "being a chicken" really means.

We are fortunate enough to be part of their amazing lives everyday and bear witness to their courage, determination, love of life and freedom, and unmatchable fortitude. Their self motivated transformation from zombie-like, tormented individuals whose entire lives had been filled with nothing but fear, anguish, and pain, to vibrant, strong, enthusiastic young ladies is nothing less than awe-inspiring.
Beetle Baily, the pot bellied wunderpig, has also joined the family and makes us smile every day. 

Hens - Play Beetle - Play llamas - Play

PPS is home to over 300 rescued residents. For more pictures of the animals please visit this site which was set up by PPS supporter Molly of Emma's K9 Kitchen, an all vegan online store for gourmet doggie treats with a portion of the proceeds donated to PPS!
Our volunteers have been busy tabling at festivals all over the country, as well as here in Colorado. Amanda Groves has been giving informative and fun tours of the sanctuary every weekend. Our dedicated volunteers, Ruth, Anna, Walter, Gabe, and many others have helped to keep the sanctuary clean and stocked with tons of nutritious hay and feed. We couldn't do this without all the generous support we get from our volunteer and donors. THANKS to YOU ALL!
Joanna Lucas has been busy creating and adding several new resources for Vegan advocates. Check out the Posters, Banners, Literature, and everything you'll need for effective and compelling outreach. 
Can You Tell the Difference? - Poster
Milk Comes from a Grieving Mother
- Poster
Life Itself - Poster
I am Someone
- Slide Show
Being Someone - Slide Show

You can either download directly, or order materials at our cost + shipping. 

Be sure to check out the ads we placed in the LA Times too!
We work 7 days a week and are still an ALL volunteer organization. There is much more happening daily, but we simply don't have the time to share it all with you more often. Just be assured that your support of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary is appreciated and goes to the most efficient effective and far reaching use imaginable. 

Thanks to everyone who contributes to keeping PPS strong and able to accomplish so much for the animals!

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