Finally! We can stop the killing and expand the sanctuary!


We have an incredible opportunity to save thousands of lives by finally and permanently closing down an animal breeding and killing property while simultaneously expanding the sanctuary with another 35 acres. Will YOU please help us? 

By raising $80,000 ASAP, Peaceful Prairie Sanc
tuary can buy the land which will allow us to save more lives than ever before and continue our vegan advocacy work. Due to the Agricultural zoning, if anyone else purchases this property, they will have to use the land to enslave and exploit animals.

This land has been the site of multiple animal massacres. Please help us purchase it for the sanctuary so it can be transformed into a place of safety, love, and freedom for animals forever!

Please help us reach our goal of raising the remaining $63,000 still needed to purchase the property that has so much potential to save lives.

We need your help urgently!

Thanks to many generous online and mail-in donations, we have met the matching grant goal, and we can now put another $40,000.00 towards the property purchase!

As soon as we have paid off our lender in full we'll begin Phase Two!

This means we must begin doing the heartbreaking, but necessary, work of clearing out as much of the destruction and devastation left behind from the multiple massacres of innocents conducted in the daily and standard practice of "family/hobby" animal farming. From slaughter implements, to restraint devices, to dilapidated barns, structures and fences, we have a very big and expensive cleanup and rebuilding effort ahead of us.

Please help us keep moving forward with the urgency, energy, and support that this healing and rejuvenating project deserves.

With your support, we can do so much good for even more individual victims of egg dairy and production by not only providing more safe space for rescued animals, but also more opportunities for the public to be involved and inspired by living vegan.

Thanks to those of you who have donated, we are able to place a down payment on the property, but still need another $63,000 to own it outright. With your help, soon we will be able to transform what was a place of breeding, exploiting, and killing individuals and families, to a place of peace, love and respect for all animals, as an expansion of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.  



A Safe Haven
For Rescued
Farmed Animals

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Here are just a few of thousands of examples of why it's critical that PPS purchase this lot and turn it into a vegan sanctuary.


Charlotte & Beatrice
Charlotte, who had cancer, was going to be slaughtered when, against all odds, she escaped and made a desperate run to the gate of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary -- the one place on earth where she knew she would be safe and loved.

Charlotte had one other very important reason to seek us out. She was nine months pregnant and was desperate to save not only her own life but the life of her unborn child. Only days after her arrival, Charlotte gave birth to little Beatrice... Learn more.

Henry & Julia
Henry was born on a desolate winter night, when his fugitive mother, Julia, escaped from the nearby farm to give birth to her child on sanctuary ground. Two years later, mother and son are still inseparable, connected in a bond of nurture, affection and affinity that has not only endured into Henry's adult life, but grew stronger with each new day of togetherness.

See more pictures (#9-15), and videos.

The nameless calf

"He shows up every morning, this small, slight, inky-eyed child. You can see him teetering across the prairie on his absurdly long legs, toiling across tough, tangled, thistly terrain on his pale hooves, struggling to cross the field that separates the neighboring farm from the sanctuary -- a nub of a child, pushing forth on his spindly bug legs, in his tiny bug body, with infinite bug determination -- so scanty against the hulking earth, so tender under the bleak sky, so unprepared for the demands of the journey, yet so determined to undertake it." Continue reading.

The nameless many
These are some of the countless victims who escaped from the nearby farm and sought refuge at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary over the years. All of them wanted only one thing: to live in peace. All of them were dragged back to the farm to be murdered. In their memory, we must shut down the property and get it into the care of the Sanctuary.

Meet Frank
A former victim of the "hobby farm", Frank is also the only one of his group who made it out alive. All of his friends and family were murdered either on site, or were sold for slaughter and, when Frank arrived at the Sanctuary, a frail and frightened orphan, he wanted only one thing: to make himself invisible to humans.

Now he has flourished into an inquisitive, playful and gentle youngster who befriends everyone and has formed an especially deep bond with Pierre, the little blind calf. Every morning, Frank comes to escort Pierre out of the sheep's barn (where Pierre chooses to spend his nights with two of the blind sheep) and Pierre greets his new brother with such contagious enthusiasm that even the most reserved residents feel compelled to celebrate with him. Frank and Pierre spend the rest of the day like the children that they are: playing, exploring, learning, and enjoying the richness of a free life in the company of their extended, multi-species family.

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