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When animal “advocates” collaborate with animal exploiters to promote the destructive myth that animal farming can be done "humanely", the tragic result is not only that an increasing number of animal victims are bred, enslaved and killed for human gratification, but their suffering is disguised and marketed as "welfare", "contentment", or "happiness".

The self-serving deception that animal exploitation can be done "humanely" has been so actively, constantly, and widely promoted over the past decade, and it's been so readily embraced by those who are eager to lie to themselves about the impact of their consumer choices, that more and more people today have convinced themselves that labeling the products of animal misery "free range", instead of "factory farmed", will change the truth of the victims' suffering. The activists of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary are so often faced with this fallacy, that we've had to create a new flyer in an effort to address what has become one of the most frequently asked questions:
“If the world isn’t going to become vegan tomorrow, why not support 'humane' animal farming?”

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Read The Humane Farming Myth and Letter from a Vegan World

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