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we know our victims 55 billion humane farming subjects of a life

Email Signature Billboards a Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary Campaign

We don't always have the opportunity to raise awareness of the animals' plight during daily email correspondence but now, with Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary's latest campaign, we've made it easy and effective for anyone to learn how their actions can save the lives of other animals, lives that matter to them as much our lives matter to us.

Please insert these billboards in your email signature and use them, and the accompanying slide shows, every time you hit 'Send'. The animals’ lives depend on us. Please don’t let another opportunity to help them pass you by.

To insert an image into your email signature, click on the selected billboard to open it in a new Browser window. Copy the image (or its URL if your email program requests it) and Paste it into the Signature Editor. Email applications vary widely. For more detailed instructions, please check your email program's Help section, or try a Google search with the words "add image to (the name of your email application) signature" and find helpful articles written by actual users.

Please note:
These images may be duplicated, but they may not be modified in any way.

We strongly recommend that, when using these posters, they be accompanied by our complementing literature for complete information about the imperative of living vegan.

We Know Our Victims Well
55 Billion Reasons to live vegan
• Humane Farming, an Oxymoron
• Subjects Of A Life

We Know Our Victims Well -----------Top^
Watch the slide show
Download the Posters (PDF)

55 Billion Reasons to Live Vegan -----------Top^
Watch the slide show

He is someone's son She is someone's mother
She is someone's child She is someone's friend
She is someone's sister She is someone's daughter
He is someone's brother she suffers

Humane Farming, an Oxymoron -----------Top^
the free range myth grieving mother

Subjects of a Life -----------Top^
life itself life itself
life itself life itself
life itself life itself
she is aware of the world unified psychological presence a life of his own the value of a life