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Sisley Aragon-Milory

What strikes me most about Peaceful Prairie is its energy. It is so calming and soothing, the energy of happy creatures that know they are forever safe. There truly is a sense of peace everywhere.

No matter who you are,carnivore or strictest of vegans, meeting animals face to face makes you stop and consider them for what they are: living, feeling beings that deserve to be happy, just like us. Letting them be their own ambassadors is far more effective than any video you may see or talk you may hear. I like bringing people to Peaceful Prairie and just sitting back and watching the magic happen. A friend wrote me that she was "seriously considering vegetarianism" after her visit, and today, after his first visit to Peaceful Prairie last Sunday, my father enjoyed his very first serving of tofu scramble and fakin' bacon.

I can only smile as I think of the beautiful creatures at the sanctuary, from Sherman the steer (who acts like a 1600lb. puppy), to Bijou the lamb, to sweet, valiant Celeste, the most recently rescued pig. They are doing a great job of speaking up for all their less fortunate brothers and sisters.

And you can't help but listen.