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All farms, large-scale and small-scale, discard the females used for breeding, eggs, and milk when their exhausted bodies can no longer produce enough eggs, milk or babies to be profitable.

Hens used for egg production are killed when their egg laying rate declines, typically within two years. Often the bodies of “spent” hens are so ravaged that no one will buy them and they are disposed of by the cheapest means possible—they are gassed, ground into fertilizer, decapitated in their own backyards, or just sent to a landfill. Their parents, the captive birds who produce the fertilized eggs required by hatcheries, are forced to mate, or are artificially inseminated, over and over, until their bodies are too damaged to be profitable and they are trucked to a horrifying slaughter.

• When their egg production declines, egg laying hens are considered “spent” and are discarded by the cheapest means possible only to be replaced with a new set of younger, more “productive” victims whose brothers have been killed at one day old.


The.cows and goats subjected to the endless cycle of rape, pregnancy, birth and bereavement known as “milk production”, are shipped to slaughter as soon as their milk output drops below the profitable mark and their exhausted bodies are considered “spent”. Most of these young mothers are barely entering adulthood. All are still lactating. Many are pregnant.

The mother pigs, cows, sheep and goats forced to give life to babies meant to be killed as “meat”, are sold to slaughter when, after several cycles of impregnation, pregnancy, birth, and forced separation from their young, their worn-out bodies produce smaller litters, smaller babies, or miss a scheduled birthing cycle. They are all young adults.

• When their exhausted bodies become unable to produce milk at a profitable rate, the still lactating mother cows and goats used for dairy production are sold to slaughter. Many are pregnant.

• When their fertility declines, the young mother birds, pigs, cows, sheep and goats whose babies were slaughtered for meat are themselves killed.

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