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Whether killed in their own backyard by the very people they trusted, or hacked to pieces in a distant slaughterhouse where they are dragged onto the killing floor after enduring the prolonged agony of auction and transport, all of the young victims of our appetite are killed violently, unnecessarily, and in cold blood.

None of these youngsters wants to die, none of them deserves to die, none of them has to die for us to live and thrive. And not a single one of them experiences his or her own brutal, untimely death as “humane”. They all know they are going to be harmed, they all know they are going to die, and they are all terrified—some shake uncontrollably, some freeze in terror, some lose control of their bowels and vomit in fear. They all struggle desperately to escape, they all plead for a mercy that never comes, they all cling to their young lives to their last breath. Regardless what type of facility they are raised on, from “hobby” farms or industrial operations, animals farmed for their flesh are all killed at a very young age.


“Broiler”.chickens are decapitated at 40-50 days old, so young that they still peep in their baby voices. Turkeys are slaughtered between 2 and 4 months, when they are barely adolescent. Pigs and lambs are brutally killed at 6 months of age, when they still act, think, and play like “puppies”. The oldest goats killed for meat are “yearlings”, the youngest are unweaned, 4-12 week old “suckling kids”. “Beef” cattle are murdered between 12-15 months, at the age when, in nature, they are still deeply connected with their mothers.

Worldwide, 56 billion land animals are massacred for human appetites every year. 56 billion young lives, mocked as “meat”, dismembered for an evening’s amusement, burned, bitten and flushed as sewage. Each, a daughter, a son, a sister, a brother, a mother, a friend. Each, an individual with a mind, a heart, a language, a memory, and a meaning to their life that they well understand. Each, a being who values his or her life as much as you and I do.

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