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All animal agriculture, from backyard operations to factory farms, is based on inflicting great physical and psychological pain on its victims before subjecting them to a violent, untimely death. Mutilations like debeaking, detoeing, dehorning, tooth scraping, tail docking, nose ringing, branding and castration (all done without anesthesia) are routine in all “free range” farming. So is confinement (albeit to larger cages). So is the denial of a natural life. So is the serial rape of females used for breeding or milk production. So is the ripping apart of families, maternal deprivation and the devastating separation of mother and child. So is the mass killing of “trash” babies (roosters, in the egg industry; male calves, kids, and lambs in the dairy industry, “excess” babies in the meat industry). So is the mass killing of the young “spent” females used for breeding, egg or dairy production when their exhausted bodies can no longer produce babies, eggs or milk at a profitable rate. So is the genetic manipulation that forces farmed pigs, chickens and turkeys to grow morbidly large, abnormally fast, and that forces hens used for egg production to lay over 250 eggs a year (compared to the nestful of about 12 eggs that free-living hens lay only once a year). And, of course, regardless how farmed animals live their short, captive lives, they all end up being brutally slaughtered at a fraction of their natural lifespan.

If living ethically is important to you, please remember that there is nothing humane about “humane” animal farming, just as there is nothing ethical or defensible about consuming its products. When confronted with the fundamental injustice inherent in all animal agriculture—a system that is predicated on inflicting massive, intentional and unnecessary suffering and death on billions of sentient individuals—the only ethical response is to strive to end it by becoming vegan, not to regulate it by supporting “improved” methods of exploitation.




The question is not,
“How do we treat the animals we’ve enslaved?”;
but, “Why are they here in the first place?”

Become Vegan
It’s the only humane, ethical, sustainable
and healthy alternative

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"Not all farms are like this?" Please read • • • Order the brochure or Download the print-ready file and print your own • • •  Download the page spreads as standalone Posters to create a "Humane Farming at a Glance" display • • • PPS Home

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