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Most of the animals at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary are rescued from small, family farms. They come in many different shapes and sizes but they all share the same need: the need for caretakers who respect their lives. Each of them has his or her own sad story of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, and each requires, and receives, varying degrees of medical attention, social interaction, and, most importantly, tender loving care. They are the few lucky ones. Billions more individuals never get to know freedom, love, respect and security. Our outreach and advocacy efforts are dedicated to them. In addition to providing lifelong care to the rescued animals, we are committed to promoting vegan living as the only humane alternative, and the only way to end the suffering and exploitation of animals.

Join us in our work to restore the true meaning and practice of Peace, Respect, and Justice for All beings.

• Two egg industry discards—Louie, a “trash” rooster, and, Libbie, a crippled “spent” hen—found each other at the sanctuary and became inseparable, spending every minute of their lives together.
• Beatrice was born free, one week after her mother, Charlotte, made a desperate run and escaped from slaughter on a family farm.
• Fred and Wilma, the geese, adopted and raised two discarded orphan ducklings as their own.
• Mocked as “meat” on the farms they were rescued from, Harold and Claude, the roosters (this page), Oliver the goat, Marley the sheep, Petunia the pig, and Melvin the turkey (facing page) flourished into the full persons they rightly are, when they were freed to fulfill their lives at the Sanctuary.


Help Us Build A World Where
No One Is Enslaved, Tortured and Killed

Your donation will help us rescue and care for many more animals like Libby, Louie, Charlotte, Beatrice, Fred, Wilma, Marley, Petunia, Melvin and Celeste, while enabling us to continue our advocacy for the billions more whose only voice is our voice.



• Celeste, the pig, was rescued the day before she was scheduled for slaughter. She arrived with a broken back and crippled hind legs but, despite her burdens, she loved life, she loved giving and receiving affection, and she loved music, singing along, in her own way, when her favorite tunes played on the radio.

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"Not all farms are like this?" Please read • • • Order the brochure or Download the print-ready file and print your own • • •  Download the page spreads as standalone Posters to create a "Humane Farming at a Glance" display • • • PPS Home

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